In the beginning…

“The beginning is a delicate time. Know then…” – Princess Irulan (Dune , 1984, dir. David Lynch)

 Know then that this space will serve as a dumping ground for the thoughts that reverberate off the walls of my mind. Half-baked ideas given time to rise in the pressure cooker of the intraweb, conspiracy theories regarding beloved children’s movies, book reviews or riffs, short or long riffs on movies seen, the babblings of an overwhelmed consumer. My main concern is film and literature, with an emphasis on the art the truly challenges the participant, because believe it or not every time you encounter a work of art you are participating with it, either by reading, seeing, hearing or watching. The best art is the art that challenges you, that crawls inside of your brain, so that days, months, years later you are struck by it. The instant gratifications of “popular” works do not concern me as much as the art that burrows into your soul.

Tolstoy wrote that real art destroys, it is my intention to examine the rubble that remains.


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